Your stay La Villa Douce, RAYOL-CANADEL-SUR-MER

Gently get going...

On foot or by electric bicycle, it is lovely to lose oneself in the middle of oak trees and broom. As for beach aficionados, one can also get off the towel for water-based activities!

la villa douce - et pourquoi pas

And why not…

And if all the activities suggested before are not enough to sate surplus energy, it is also possible to:

  • Have a game of tennis at Cavalière’s Smash Club.

  • To play golf at Sainte Maxime’s Le Golf Blue Green. The 18-hole course is located on the heights of Sainte-Maxime, between scrubland and cork oak, with a splendid view over the Mediterranean.


  • Go half-day horse-riding at the Eau Blanche stable in Cavalaire sur Mer, or even on a first pony ride for the littlest ones.
la villa douce - s'abonner a des activites nautiques

Devoting oneself to water-based activities

When it gets too hot to remain lying on the beach, there is nothing more pleasant than going along the coast by paddle board, canoe, catamaran, optimist or by pedalboat/b> for the less sports inclined…

There is a great concentration of activities on Cavalière beach, for both adults and children alike. On the beach, La Voile de Cavalière’s team of monitors propose training courses or rental services and are able to dispense advice in keeping with one’s level of proficiency.

Also on Cavalière beach, Lavandou Watersports offers water-skiing, wake board and parasailing…

For diving, Lavandou Plongée club makes it possible to explore Port-Cros National Park’s (Europe’s 1st Marine Park) sea bed.

la villa douce - suivre la cote en velo electrique

Riding along the coast on an electric bicycle

How pleasant it is to sit astride our electric bicycles and go riding for a few hours or the day, our hair flying in the wind. Here are our favourite itineraries:


  • Destination Saint Tropez: it is even better on Tuesday or Saturday, as these are market days when a friendly atmosphere reigns. On the way there, one can take a refreshment break at Cavalaire, at the mid-way mark.


  • Destination Le Lavandou riding along the coastline: this cycling track that follows the mark of the old railway line, passes by no less than 12 beaches, as many opportunities to freshen oneself up in between bouts of pedalling.


  • Destination Gigaro beach at Croix Valmer – the beach is superbe and the trip through the vineyards no less so. Wine-tasting can be a good source of motivation!
la villa douce - se promener a pied

Going out walking (or running for joggers!)

Departure from the Tourist Centre which offers detailed documentation.

Walk to the Canadel pass – a 2 h 15 loop – about 4 ml
How to climb up to the Canadel pass, the town’s highest point at 876 feet! After the monumental staircase, follow the flag at the top and blue way-marked footpath.

From Rayol-Canadel to Pramousquier – a 3 h 45 loop – 6.7 ml
Continue the walk from the Canadel pass via the “piste des Crêtes” and La Louve then go back down to Pramousquier and the Voie Verte.

The Old railway line – to and fro 1 h 30 – 4 ml
For those tired of climbing, the old railway line is the solution. It has been developed into a safe path.

Discovery of Rayol – in a 45 min loop – 6.7 ml
A shorter walk to discover the village.


To sample the easy-going rhythm of Provence, there is nothing like living like the people from the Midi, starting with taking a stroll through its colourful markets...

la villa douce - jouer au casino

Gambling in Cavalaire-sur-Mer’s Casino

For the keenest gamblers amongst us, a short night drive to Cavalaire-sur-Mer’s port is a must. Here, the excitement rises as soon as one steps inside the Casino! There are not only a lot of slot machines to try one’s hand at, but also English roulette, blackjack or even a poker tournament. The luckiest ones will perhaps win enough to buy themselves a yacht at Saint Tropez! For those who prefer a show to gambling, a cabaret regularly performs shows here.

la villa douce - chiner dans les brocantes

Hunting for antiques in secondhand stores and garage sales

Our rubric “Nos Actus” makes it possible to keep abreast of garage sales organized in the region. Now this is a good way to discover a village and have a chat with the people who live there, whilst bargaining for a few beautiful copies of old books or old goods.

If there are no on-going secondhand sales when we come this way, it is possible to go to the small village of Ramatuelle whatever the time of year. Over there, one takes the time to pop into St Esprit street to discover a charming small shop at number 26 in which one is sure to unearth a few gems.

la villa douce - faire une dégustation de vin


Club Papillon’s wine Bar menu has selected a few good bottles that we can take our time to savour on the terrace: château Léoube, Domaine de la Sanglière, Domaine Sainte Marguerite, Domaine Figuière, Domaine Siouvette.

These quality wines are regularly awarded prizes in competitions, so a tasting is therefore a must! Here the Côte de Provence is a family business and the vineyards are worked in the traditional manner.

La Villa Douce  has created an attractive tour round allowing to discover these 5 vineyards from the Villa Douce. The front desk puts at our disposal this wine route map.

la villa douce - arpenter les marchés

Walking up and down the markets and tasting the local products

If we feel like it, we can discover a new market every day of the week. This is also an opportunity to take a look at the neighbouring villages, at their most lively.

Monday: Cavalière, night market at Favière (from June to September)
Tuesday: Saint Tropez, night market at Bormes-les-Mimosas (July and August)
Wednesday: Bormes-les-Mimosass (village/Cavalaire/Cogolin)
Thursday: Le Lavandou/Sainte Maxime
Friday: Le Rayol (from end of April to end of September)
Saturday: Saint Tropez
Sunday: La Croix Valmer – Flea market in Cavalière

Food for thought

Let us savour the specific atmosphere that reigns in these places. Here we grasp a little better what it is that makes up the Provençal soul: its nature, its past...

la villa douce - La visite des villages

Visiting the villages

Small provençal villages are legend on the Gulf of Saint Tropez and in the hinterland, but here we have selected our favourites:

Ramatuelle is a small medieval village, very picturesque with its walls, its pink tiled roofs and narrow lanes.

Referenced amongst the Var’s most beautiful spots, the medieval village of Bormes-les-Mimosas constitutes a must-see stop to discover.

Gassin and Grimaud
Gassin is a medieval village nestled in the middle of the vineyards, that belongs to the “Most Beautiful Villages of France” very exclusive club.

Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez is only 15 miles away from La Villa Douce and is well worth a day trip to walk around its port.

See more

la villa douce - se ressourcer à la chartreuse de la Verne

Recharging one’s batteries at Chartreuse de la Verne

A distinct atmosphere reigns in this 12th century monastery. Established far from all habitation, Chartreuse de la Verne is located at the heart of the Maures Massif. Set in the middle of an ocean of green, the place is conducive to meditation. To imbibe it, one can go like a pilgrim, on foot, climbing up the so-called monks path from Môle.
Since 1983, the old Chartreuse is home to a community of monks and has recovered its vocation of old.

la villa douce - fort Brégançon

To live like a president of the Republic at Brégançon Fort

Perched on a rocky islet, this fortified castle, erected in the Merovingian age, has been in turns a rough-neck soldiers’ hideaway or a fortified castle for Queen Jeanne and Bonaparte.

Since General de Gaulle decided so in 1968, it has become the “official residence of the President of the Republic”.
It enjoys an exceptional environment with an unrestricted view over the Mediterranean.
As it is situated on Bormes-les-Mimosas district, a visit of the fort is often combined with a visit of the village. Open from July to September.

la villa douce - découvrir l'incroyable domaine du Rayo

Discover the incredible Domaine du Rayol

The Jardin des Meditérranées, a protected area, is the pride and joy of the local people and paying it a visit is a must. Open all year round, it is an invitation to discover the most diverse Mediterranean landscapes. Here, a team of passionate people have created a distinct place, where the vegetation is exuberant and does not resemble a “French-style” garden in any way. Go on one of the guided tours, it is included in the fee and it would be a pity to pass up on the knowledge of these enthusiasts who will make you view nature differently.

The Domaine du Rayol has also had the good idea of offering aquatic walks, down below the garden, in the Baie des Figuiers, to explore the sea bed. All equipment is supplied and the level is easy, the only condition: to know how to swim.

Another activity “Feet in the water” is tailored to families with children to discover the treasures the beach has to offer with your feet in the water. It is advisable to register first as these activities are in high demand!


At Café l'Envol or the wine Bar, La Villa Douce favours organic or local products and one is tempted to test all the items on this attractive menu. For a bouillabaisse or other craving, there are many such restaurants in the vicinity.

la villa douce - le cafe des jardiniers

Restaurants in Rayol

The Maurin des Maures

Here is one of the mythical restaurants of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. The owner, Dédé, is a celebrity in Rayol and his Provençal cuisine delights those fond of food, those who like fish and bouillabaisse, as well as homemade desserts. On summer evenings, one has to remember to reserve in advance as the place is very highly-prized.

The Café des Jardiniers 

Located in the magical setting of the Jardin des Meditérranées, here is an extension of La Villa Douce’s “timeless” experience. Naturally, the Café offers a cuisine that is inspired from Mediterranean gardens and elsewhere, as well as homemade drinks and desserts. The Café des Jardiniers is open everyday (with the exception of January) for lunch. It is only open to Domaine du Rayol visitors.

The Relais des Maures
On the shaded terrace or indoors as in a winter garden, the discovery of a kitchen with Mediterranean perfume

The Loup de Mer (Hotel Le Bailli de Suffren)

In a prestigious setting facing the sea and Golden Islands, the Hotel’s restaurant Le Loup de Mer serves Mediterranean dishes that exalt the natural flavours of our local produce from both the land and sea. Open from April to October
Le Bistro (hotel de la Plage): Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week,  all year round.




La Villa Douces’s Café l’Envol

In La Villa Douce, Caroline Thetiot and her team are pleased to propose you a light and refined cuisine for a pleasant lunch in the shade of the parasols with the nice seaview. The restaurant is open to all!

This pool house restaurant is open from 1st of April to 22th of October. Outside this period, lunch is served at Club Papillon.

La Villa Douce’s wine and tapas Bar

For evening time, conviviality has been favoured, for there is nothing like sharing some lovely tapas, small mouthfuls and plancha in all simplicity around a glass of Côtes de Provence. So one settle’s around the bar or on the terrace to enjoy the sight of the sun setting on the sea.

Concerts are held on some summer nights (tuesdays), and, curled up in the Papillon club’s cosy armchairs, we enjoy these moments of gentle peacefulness together.

Beach restaurants

At each beach, its paillotte …


Located on the beach of Pramousquier, L’Ecrin welcomes you for a sunbath on its deckchair, or around a good table for an aperitif, lunch or dinner.

Boukarou Beach

Located on the West beach of Rayo. This restaurant is open from  15 March to 1rst November (Theme evening on July and August) for lunch or diner

The Tropicana Club

Located on Canadel Beach, it is open for lunch from May to September. Dinner on reservation Friday and Saturday (July / August)

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